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Fishing practices in much of the world are entirely unregulated. Norway, however, is doing an excellent job of protecting their waters from overfishing.

The Norwegian government quota system represents the most comprehensive and stringent monitoring system for fishing in existence today. Fishing practices, equipment, and catch are rigorously inspected, and all infractions are heavily fined. Based upon research findings of the the Norwegian Ocean Research Institute (NORC), quotas for each fishing vessel are issued twice each year.

The Organisation for Norwegian Fishermen (ONF), the largest independent fishing organisation in Norway, utilses third-party international research to monitor the work completed by NORC.

Norwegian-born Joar Opheim, Nordic Naturals CEO, has long-term relationships with Nordic Naturals’ fishermen and makes regular trips to the manufacturing facility in Norway to oversee sourcing and quality control. By insisting upon a high standard of responsibility, Nordic Naturals ensures that all fish harvested—both the Arctic Cod/Skrei harvested in Arctic Norway, as well the sardines and anchovies harvested from the South Pacific Ocean—are harvested through sustainable fishing practices. For our South Pacific sourcing, Nordic Naturals has built a relationship with an independent company that follows strict quotas identical to Norway’s. Every catch is monitored by the authorities, and we receive spec sheets of the catch prior to processing to verify adherence to our quality specifications.

In Norway, “the government monitors the waters very closely to identify fish quantites. They determine overall quotas, which are divided down to the level of individual boats. You can only take certain numbers, and violators are heavily fined. It's been that way for 30 years, and it's working.”

Joar Opheim, Nordic Naturals CEO

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